Job Placement Rates

Percentage of Education Preparation Completers Employed in Public Schools in Massachusetts*

Massachusetts Employment One Year After Completion
 Students Graduating in Academic Year 2016-17Students Graduating in Academic Year 2017-18Students Graduating in Academic Year 2018-19
Teacher Preparation77%76%80%
School Administration0%25%80%
School Guidance or Adjustment Counseling45%50%59%

* Students not employed in Massachusetts Public Schools may be employed at private schools

Source: State of Massachusetts' Edwin Analytics; EP 702 MA Public Employment Summary

Percentage of Graduates that are Currently Employed*

 Academic Year 2014-15 GraduatesAcademic Year 2015-16 GraduatesAcademic Year 2016-17 GraduatesAcademic Year 2017-18 Graduates
School of Undergraduate Studies82%93%80%76%
School of Education94%93%91%81%
School of Management88%90%88%91%
School of Psychology and Counseling89%100%92%92%

* Data is self-reported by Graduates of the College on the Alumni Survey