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Office of Assessment

New Student Testing

Cambridge College’s Office of Assessment runs all of the new student assessments.  All new students are required to take writing assessments upon acceptance. In addition, during their first semester, new students take the College Student Inventory as part of their LRN 175 Principles and Processes of Adult Learning class. All of these assessments are given by our Learning Assessment Coordinator who can be reached at CELT@cambridgecolleg.edu

Language Testing for Credit

The office of assessment operates language testing for credit for undergraduate students.  Students may elect to pay a fee to take an assessment for prior knowledge in any foreign language. If they pass this assessment, they can earn up to 12 credits for a nominal fee. These credits can be included in their academic plans and count toward a degree.  To find out if you are eligible to take these exams, contact undergraduate advising at AcademicAdvisingUG@cambridgecollege.edu

Foreign Language Testing for Proficiency

The Office of Assessments also conducts language testing for college entry for international students. We operate the Duolingo English Test (DET) which is "self-proctored" and fully online. This test costs $49 and can be taken by visiting our Duolingo English Test page.