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Institute for Faculty Excellence

Cambridge College’s Institute for Faculty Excellence [IFE] serves as support resource for new and continuing faculty members, both full and part time.  The IFE offers many faculty opportunities each semester.  Below are some of the supports available:

New Faculty Orientations [NFO]

The IFE runs the NFO for new faculty introducing them to the logistics of working at Cambridge College as well as the expectations for required activities and resources available to support them in their teaching at Cambridge College. The NFO is a physical orientation as well as an online self-guided platform and resource for new faculty.

In-house workshops and activities

Each semester, the IFE publishes a list of faculty activities such as workshops on technical and pedagogical subjects, pilot groups, and other faculty events. The publications of these events can be found on the MyCC CELT page, and physically at all campuses.  All faculty are encouraged to participate and may be eligible to earn points toward a stipend. 

Resources for Faculty

The IFE offers many resources for faculty help them improve their teaching and student learning. Many documents, articles, books, and other resources to support best teaching practices can be found on the MyCC CELT page. In addition, Cambridge College subscribes to Academic Impressions, which is a webinar resource that anyone with a @cambridgecollege.edu or @go.cambridgecollege.edu email can access.  Find out more about Academic Impressions on the MyCC CELT page.