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Tuition Overview

Tuition Rates

Tuition rates vary by degree level and location. To see tuition rates and fees for a specific program, please use the Find a Program tool on the home page and navigate to the Tuition Tab for that program.

For a listing of all tuition and fees for a Cambridge College location, please choose a location from the list below:

Puerto Rico
Southern California

Tuition rates are set by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change.

A college education is an investment in your future, and it's hard to find a better educational value than a degree at Cambridge College. There are many Federal, State, and College financial aid programs to help students meet the costs of attending college. Our Net Price Calculator will provide you and your family with an early estimate of the cost of your education. Based on the information you provide regarding your family's financial situation and your education preferences, the calculator will return a net price. That price reflects your estimated costs of attending Cambridge College as a freshman or transfer student less your estimated financial aid.

Please note the Net Price Calculator is a planning tool only and not an application for financial aid. If you have special circumstances, or other financial aid questions, please contact our financial aid office.

Compare costs using the Net Price Calculator.

Dropped Courses – New and Continuing Students

You must pay the full tuition for all courses for which you have registered, by the payment due date. (See Adding & Dropping Courses.)

Refunds and Repayment – Students Withdrawing or on Leave of Absence

Students who withdraw from Cambridge College or take a leave of absence after having paid the current term charges or receiving financial aid are subject to refund and repayment policies. (See Withdrawing from School.)

Important Dates

Fall 2017

Sept 04, 2017: Payment due

Sept 11, 2017: Classes begin

Sept 18, 2017: Add/drop deadine

Sept 28, 2017: Health insurance waiver deadine

Oct 02, 2017: Registration hold applied for non-payment


Spring 2018

Dec 08, 2017: Spring Bursar statements mailed

Jan 15, 2018: Payment due

Jan 16, 2018: Classes begin

Jan 23, 2018: Add/drop deadine

Feb 02, 2018: Health insurance waiver deadine

Mar 05, 2018: Registration hold applied for non-payment


Summer 2018

May 04, 2018: Summer Bursar statements mailed

June 04, 2018: Payment due

June 11, 2018: Classes begin

June 15, 2018: Registration hold applied for non-payment

June 18, 2018: Add/drop deadine

June 29, 2018: Health insurance waiver deadine