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Adding & Dropping Courses

Adding Courses

Students who add courses after the term has begun are responsible for payment immediately. Students must check their account online for changes to their balances as a result of adding courses.

Dropping Courses

Tuition Charged

You must pay the full tuition for all courses for which you have registered, by the payment due date

  • However, if you correctly drop the course, you may get tuition credit as outlined below.
  • If you do not attend class and do not correctly drop the course, your account will be billed for the full tuition.
  • If you begin attending class and later cease attending classes without formally withdrawing, you remain responsible for the full tuition.

Students who paid current tuition charges themselves (not from federal or state aid) are eligible for refund of current term charges paid as follows:

Date of Withdrawal from 8-20 Week Courses       Tuition Refund
Before add/drop deadline (within first two weeks of term) 100%
During third week of session/term 75%
During fourth week of session/term 25%
Thereafter 0%



Date of Withdrawal from 5 Week Courses Tuition Refund
Prior and during first week of session/term 100%
During second week of session/term 75%
Thereafter 0%



Date of Withdrawal from Intensive & Weekend Courses    Tuition Refund
Prior to first class 100%
During week one 75%
Thereafter 0%


Online courses have the same tuition credit policy as standard seated courses.

Students considering a leave of absence or withdrawal are urged to see the Bursar’s Office before leaving the College in order to arrange payment of any outstanding balance. Students who have received financial aid must contact the Financial Aid Office.