Web and Email

Internet Access

All access to Internet services are password protected.  Anyone with a valid Cambridge College Network Account is allowed access.

Student and Adjunct Faculty email

Students and Adjunct Faculty are required to use their assigned Go email account in all correspondence with students, faculty and staff.

Staff and Core Faculty email

The College provides staff and core faculty with an exchange email account to correspond with.  Core Faculty members also receive a Go email account (also referred to as CC Gmail). The IT department strongly encourages its Core Faculty to forward their GO email account to their Exchange email.  The IT department can assist with this if necessary.  When away from the College staff and faculty can access their Exchange email through the “Office 365” connector.

Shared Mailboxes

The IT department will help facilitate the creation of a departmental shared mailbox account.  These accounts use valuable server resources and must be requested by providing a valid written business rationale.

Email Distribution Lists

The IT department maintains a list of sanctioned email Distribution Lists.  Access to these is on a case by case basis and must be authorized by a supervisor.