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Articulation Agreements

Date of original implementation: February, 2011

Date of Last Revision: February 2011

Cambridge College is interested in developing articulation agreements with colleges located in the vicinity of the Main Campus as well as those located in the regions served by the Cambridge College Regional Centers.

Articulation agreements may be initiated collaboratively by Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, Regional Centers and other Colleges.

The purpose of the articulation agreement is to demonstrate to prospective students, college administrators and other members of the community that Cambridge College is accepting transfer of coursework earned at the other colleges that fulfill the requirements of the Cambridge College Bachelor’s Degree offered. By partnering with other colleges, these agreements will promote enrollment in Cambridge College’s undergraduate programs and will result in a seamless transfer for students.

Regional Center Directors and the Dean of Enrollment Management (themselves or through their respective agents which might include faculty, academic program coordinators, the Director of Admissions or others) are the parties responsible for initiating Articulation Agreements with other Colleges and for coordinating implementation once the agreement is adopted. The Provost is responsible for overall academic content and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies is responsible for carefully reviewing the document and affirming that all academic requirements of Cambridge College are appropriately accounted for within the agreement. The General Counsel will review the document as to legal form. A routing slip which includes sign off by the Regional Center Director (if applicable), the Dean of Enrollment Management, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the Provost and the General Counsel will be attached to the final agreement before it is signed by the President of Cambridge College and the other College. A final copy of the fully signed agreement must be sent to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies as the repository. All parties agree to work together thoroughly and expeditiously to effectuate the development and signature of the Articulation Agreements. The initiating party (Regional Center or Dean of Enrollment) is responsible for periodic review of the agreements in their area, for good communication and coordination with the articulation Colleges and for leading efforts to resolve concerns that develop under this program of Articulation Agreements.

Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Programs