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What is Federal Verification?

Federal verification is a procedure to check or verify specific information you reported on the FAFSA are correct.

Who is required to complete Federal Verification?

Students will be randomly selected by the U.S. Department of Education to verify specific items from the FAFSA application.  Cambridge College may also select students for verification. If you are selected, you will be notified on the Student Aid Report (SAR) that you receive via email or by mail, after completing your FAFSA.

You must complete Federal verification to receive:

  • Pell Grant and FSEOG Grant
  • College Work Study
  • State grants and scholarships

Verification Process

Only randomly selected information is verified. This means that Cambridge College will not require the same documentation from each student. Instead, the College will require only the documentation relevant to your individualized verification. The documents required will be posted on your financial aid account on MyCC as missing requirements. Please check your MyCC account for the splecific documents that are required. You will also be notified by mail and/or Cambridge College email.

If you were not required to provide parent information on your FAFSA you are an independent student and must verify the items in regards to yourself (and spouse).

If you were required to provide parent information on your FAFSA, you are considered a dependent student and you will verify the items regarding your and your parent(s)'s information.

Do not submit income tax information or other verification data unless requested by the Financial Aid Office.

Verification Documents

Verification Documents can be found on your MyCC portal under the Finance tab.  

What if I do not supply the verification documentation?

Those who have not submitted federal verification requirements by the semester deadline will have their financial aid application made inactive. NOTE: Continuing undergraduate students are not provided with a financial aid award until verification has been completed.

You will then need to make alternate payment arrangements with Cambridge College’s Student Accounts Office.

What happens after I submit my requirements?

After the Financial Aid Office receives all verification requirements, we compare the information to the information provided on your FAFSA.  We will update your FAFSA information in our system with the information provided on your verification requirements. Your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) may change and we will determine whether the change to your EFC requires that we revise your financial aid award.

We are also required to report your revised information as a correction to your FAFSA.

It is important that you do not make further corrections or changes to your FAFSA while verification is pending.

More questions?

Contact a financial aid representative or call 617-873-0403.