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Prior Learning/Work Experience Credits

Undergraduate students at Cambridge College may earn credit based on previous academic or professional experience through the request for Evaluation of Prior Learning.  Credit is awarded for the demonstration of college-equivalent learning.  Cambridge College accepts and encourages students to pursue transfer credit via portfolio, and requires that students meet with academic advisors to:

  • determine the appropriateness of a proposed portfolio to the program of study:
  • become familiar with the institutional process for completing and submitting  the portfolio: and
  • better understand the evaluation process.

Submissions are evaluated by faculty experts and a fee is charged to undergo this process. To be considered for a current academic term, submission must be received as final, no less than three weeks prior to the last day of classes for that term.

To learn more about this option please contact the Office of Student Affairs, Jeff Hogan – 1.800.877.4723 x1728.