Using In-Classroom AV Technology

Using Classroom AV Technology


Below is an image of the AV wall plate interface used in classrooms at Cambridge College to connect to the in-classroom projectors, as well as explanations on how to connect.



Every classroom at Cambridge College is outfitted with a podium and desktop computer, which you may use your network log in credentials to use.


Using the Projector and Podium Machine in Class

  1. After logging into the podium machine, push “ON” underneath “DISPLAY” on the AV wall plate.
  2. Make sure that “PC” is selected in the vertical option of buttons; it will glow red when it is selected.  After a brief delay, the projector will display what the computer screen displays.


Using the Projector and your Personal Laptop

  1. If you choose to use your personal laptop, you will need to plug in the VGA cable from the podium into the VGA port on your laptop. 
  2. Once this is done, make sure the AV wall plate signals “ON”, and select “LAPTOP” from the vertical buttons. Your laptop screen should now display through the projector.

Troubleshooting Tip: If your laptop display does not appear on the projector, please push the “Function” (Fn) key and then “F7” or “F8” (the second button depends on the laptop model; these are the most commonly used).  The projector will then display what is on your laptop.