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Undergraduate Management Department Chair Job Description

Job Summary

The undergraduate management department chair is charged with the operational and strategic administration of the management degree and certificate programs at the School of Undergraduate Studies, as well as teaching responsibilities within the academic unit. There are three broad components of the department chair position, categorized as: 1. Program administration/management; 2. Faculty management and assessment, and; 3. Teaching responsibilities.

The department chair is the primary administrator responsible for the delivery, monitoring, growth, and support of the academic program(s) in his or her unit. Program management includes but is not limited to establishing a multi-year academic schedule, scheduling of courses and faculty within the department, monitoring and assuring program rigor, relevance, and compliance with internal and external standards, and development and delivery of strategic program growth initiatives. The chair is likewise responsible for regular and ongoing program assessment within the unit, leading to a system of continuous improvement.

The management chair is responsible for identifying and hiring qualified faculty for the department, overseeing and evaluating faculty performance within the department, and faculty training and orientation within the specific department. Additionally, the department chair is expected to anticipate future faculty resource needs, and to work with the dean with regard to planning for strategic program growth. The department chair will work closely with the faculty in their department to guide improved content delivery, to establish consistent academic rigor and content coverage, and to provide student and classroom support.

Department chairs are expected to teach 12 credits of academic coursework within the academic year. Their teaching responsibilities are intended to set a standard for faculty teaching within the department, and to provide students within the department regular, direct access to the chair.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling and monitoring all courses within the relevant department. This includes coordinating with and supporting academic directors at regional centers to assure consistent College-wide program delivery and standards of rigor.
  • Department faculty identification, recruitment, hiring, orientation/training, and evaluation.
  • Ongoing department faculty support.
  • Development and maintenance of faculty pool within the academic program or course cluster.
  • Department curriculum and course development, including in-seat, hybrid and online programming
  • Ongoing program assessment focused on continuous improvement.
  • Program compliance with external agencies, including any national, regional and professional accreditation.
  • Department promotion and growth initiatives; external partnerships, and marketing and enrollment initiatives.
  • Coordination with Cambridge College graduate schools to design and implement accelerated bachelor's to master's degree programming.
  • Membership in the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, and attendance and participation in its monthly meetings.
  • Attendance and participation in bi-weekly Coordinators' meetings, and other College meetings as required.
  • Regularly scheduled student office hours of no less than 8 office-hours per week per program chaired (includes meeting times; does not include teaching times).
  • Participation in new student orientation.
  • Student casework (advising, advocacy, discipline).
  • Special department-related projects identified by the dean.

Other Duties/Responsibilities

  • Participation in college-wide academic/programmatic strategic planning
  • Support in recruitment efforts, open houses, information sessions
  • Participation in grant development
  • Other duties as assigned

Education & Experience Required

  • Master's degree in Management/MBA or above
  • 5+ years of higher education administrative experience
  • Experience in faculty recruitment, training, support, oversight, and assessment
  • 5+ years of teaching at higher education institutions

Skills & Knowledge Required

  • Academic scheduling
  • Program design, delivery, and assessment
  • Faculty management and support
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Computer and analytical literacy


To apply please forward cover letter and resume to jobs@cambridgecollege.edu.