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Students, Non-Matriculated

Date of original implementation: October 2011

Date of Last Revision:  October 2014  

Students not matriculated into a degree or certificate program at Cambridge College are allowed to take up to nine (9) credits for credit without applying for and enrolling in a degree or certificate program. Students should seek advisement from the academic dean of the school in which they are taking courses. Certain exceptions based on program, alumni status or location may apply.

Courses completed by students not enrolled in an academic program may be evaluated for transfer into Cambridge College programs. However, each program accepts only a limited number of transfer credits, and courses must meet all program require­ments and criteria for transfer at the time of matriculation. There is no guarantee that courses taken as a non-matriculated student  will be accepted in transfer into an academic program.

Upon registration, students must acknowledge that they understand and agree to these terms.

Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: Provost, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Director of Admissions, Registrar.