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Student Housing Policy

Date of Implementation: June 2012

Date of Last Revision: June 2012

Student Housing Policy

To assist students in attending classes at a distance from their residence, Cambridge College may make room block arrangements with local hotels near College locations to provide housing that may be billed to a student's account. Charges for housing (and meals if offered/selected) must be paid prior to the start of a semester or arrangements made for financial aid with the charges being paid prior to the distribution of student refunds. Cambridge College summer programs may provide housing with the same payment requirements. Students must make their own assessment of whether the hotel(s)/accomodations, with which room blocks are associated, meet their personal standards for quality, access and safety.

Only currently enrolled students taking classes are eligible to request and obtain housing when offered.

1. Center Directors or appropriate Deans shall be responsible for determining when housing options should be offered to students. At least six months notice should be provided to allow the Office of Events and Logistics to identify potential locations.

2. Center Directors or appropriate Deans shall verify and approve all per night room blocks prior
to housing agreements being executed.

3. Prior to the start of each term the Office of Events and Logistics will provide students with Housing information and procedures. This Office may make changes to the procedures, hotel location, offerings, etc as necessary and in the overall best interest of the students and the

4. All housing requests must be submitted using a "Housing Request" form/link provided each term by the Office of Events and Logistics. This is the only method by which housing arrangements will be accepted by the College. "Walk-in" reservations are not permitted.

5. Housing requests are on a "first come, first serve basis". If the room block is exceeded and rooms are not available at the contracted hotel, the College assumes no responsibility for finning alternative housing or providing payment arrangements at another hotel.

6. All housing requests must be made by the date set forth on the "Housing Request" form/link No housing requests will be accepted after the first day of classes stated in the official academic calendar for Cambridge College.

7. Changes to, or cancellation of, submitted housing requests will only be accepted up to the official Cambridge College Add/Drop calendar date for each term. Cancellations and changes will only be accepted if submitted to the Office of Events and Logistics on the "Cancellation/Date Change" form provided in the housing packet. Verbal notification of a reservation change or cancellation will not be accepted, nor are cancellations made directly with the hotel acceptable for refund purposes. Any request after the drop/add date will not be accepted or processed and charges against the student's account will not be refunded. There are no refunds for failure to submit a complete and timely "Cancellation/Date Change" form.

8. The only refunds that will be processed are if:

a. A student must withdraw or take a leave of absence from all classes for the term due to serious medical condition. (Any refund will be subject to the College's refund and repayment policies as outlined in the Academic Catalog.)

b. A class is cancelled. (The student is still responsible for submitting a "Housing Cancellation/Change" within five (5) days after the class cancellation.)

c. A class meeting time is cancelled or re-scheduled by the instructor or College Administration,

d. Death in the family with services held within one day, before or after, the class date and then only for the class date missed. The definition of Family for this paragraph is defined as: mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, mother in-law, father in-law, grandmother, grandfather, step-parent, and step-child. Proof of death and relationship is required. The College reserves the right to deny a refund if it is deemed the documentation is inadequate,

e. Any refund will be subject to the College's refund and repayment policies as outlined in the Academic Catalog.

9. If the student fails to check in on a confirmed date, the remainder of the stay will be cancelled without refund.

10. The Office of Events and Logistics shall determine prior to the start of each academic term the per night charge for housing, to include taxes and fees. A meal option may be available at some locations. (There are no refunds or credits for unused meal vouchers.) The per night charge and meal voucher charge if offered may include an administrative fee not to exceed 10% of the actual cost to the College.

11. Only the room charge, room tax, and room fee (and meal plan, if offered as part of the housing package) may be billed to the master account. Cambridge College will not be responsible for uncollected incidental charges.

12, Registered students will be required to meet the hotel's policy for posting a credit card or cash deposit at check-in, see the housing form for specific information, and for providing photo identification.

13. Single and Double occupancy is available:

1. If double occupancy is chosen, the second student's full name and ID# must be provided at the time of request. Housing is on a "first come, first served" basis and double occupancy housing reservations cannot be made until both students have submitted their housing request form.

2. The request must be mutual; each student must request the other.

3. Should one room occupant cancel or change their housing reservation, the other room occupant will be charged the full room cost unless any of the conditions under refunds are the reason for the cancellation or change.

14. Students are individually responsible for adhering to hotel policies and general state laws in which the hotel is located.

15. Students shall be individually responsible for the actions of their guests or family members on the hotel property.


Individuals Responsible for Revision & Implementation: VP for Finance & Administration, Director of Business Operations