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Posted January 13, 2022

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Research, Planning, and Effectiveness

The Research, Planning, and Effectiveness office’s primary purpose is to support and promote informed decision making and continuous improvement at Cambridge College.  The office serves the college community by: 

  • Identifying and providing data
  • Assessing the quality and effectiveness of academic programs
  • Assessing business practices for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensuring that current and proposed initiatives are consistent with college-wide strategic priorities
  • Supporting the budgeting process by promoting the efficient allocation of resources
  • Responding systematically and efficiently to requests from government and accrediting agencies and other external organizations

Please click on the links for further information about:

CAEP Annual Reporting Measures which provide information to the public on program impact and program outcome

Common Data Set which reports standardized data about Cambridge College

Course evaluations which explain how instructional quality is monitored at Cambridge College

Fast Facts about Cambridge College

Gainful Employment which provides information about students enrolled in Title IV-eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation

Institutional Review Board (IRB) which is charged with reviewing and approving all research involving human participants conducted by members of the Cambridge College community. 

Job Placement Rates of Cambridge College graduates

Licensure Exam Pass Rates

Retention & Graduation Rates

Student Consumer Information Guide to key topics about Cambridge College






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