COVID-19 Updates
Updated July 6, 2020

Cambridge College will continue remote learning and teaching through Fall 2020-2021 term. The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and community are important to us. Please see our updates regarding COVID-19.

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FAQ's for Graduation and Commencement

Q: Is there more than one conferral date per year?

A: There are three:  January, June and August. There is only one commencement ceremony, held in June in Boston. Celebrations may be held at Regional Centers; please contact your Director for the most up to date information.

Q: How do I let the Registrar’s Office know when I am almost done with my program and that I am ready to graduate?

A: Please complete and submit an Intent to Graduate form early in your final term. This form notifies the Registrar’s Office that are about to complete the requirements for your degree or certificate. You must complete an Intent to Graduate form even if you do not wish to participate in a commencement ceremony.

Q: What is a Graduation Clearance Pending hold?

A: Any student who has submitted an Intent to Graduate form will have a Graduation Clearance Pending hold placed on the student’s record on the date specified in the Academic Calendar.  If you receive this hold but are planning to graduate during a later term, please call the Registrar’s Office and we will adjust the expected graduation date and remove the hold so that you can register for courses.

Q: Will I receive confirmation that I am graduating?

A: Once grades have been received just after term’s end we will audit the course work of students who have submitted an Intent to Graduate form.  If your degree program is complete, you will receive a congratulatory email.  If there is a problem, we will email and mail a regret letter outlining exactly what is preventing you from graduating, such as a missing grade or insufficient credits.  We recommend that you check with your advisor well before graduation to make sure you are on track.

Q: When will I receive information about commencement?

A: At the beginning of April we send graduation packets, including information on the commencement schedule, venue, directions, caps and gowns, and transcripts.  Please make sure your address is up-to-date.

Q: Will I receive invitations?

A: Yes, we will include multiple invitations in the information packet.

Q: How many guests may I bring to commencement?

A: For the Boston ceremony, please bring all the people who are important to you.  For ceremonies at regional centers, please contact your director about any limits on the number of guests.

Q: How do I order a cap and gown?

A: Our cap and gown distributor, University Cap and Gown Co., Inc., is located in Lawrence, Mass. You may order online at, or use the order form included in the graduation packet. For your convenience, the company will be on site at 500 Rutherford. Ave., Boston, for two evenings in late April. Please be aware that only students who have graduated or who have been approved by the Registrar’s Office to “March Only” may participate in a commencement ceremony.

Q: I’m a student at the Puerto Rico or California Regional Center—may I attend the commencement ceremony in Boston?

A: Yes, please do! All Cambridge College graduates are encouraged to attend the ceremony in Boston.

Q: I have one or two classes left.  May I still participate in the Boston commencement ceremony?

A: Please complete and submit a Petition to March Only at Commencement form.  Non-graduating students may participate in the commencement exercises if they meet the following conditions:

  • All core requirements, including the final project (Capstone, ILP, IRP, ARP or Dissertation) and required practicum and/or internship, must be completed and a passing grade documented in their academic record by the grade posting deadline
  • Fewer than six credits remain to be completed for your course of study
  • Academic completion is anticipated in the summer term, and course registration for the summer term has been completed

Q: With whom can I speak if I have a disabled or special-needs guest coming to my graduation?

A:  Please contact Vera Dimoplon, Assistant Dean of Student Affaris and Coordinator of Disability Support Services,, 617.873.0614.


Q: When will I receive my diploma?

A: We ordinarily mail out diplomas to graduates within three months of the conferral date, via U.S. mail.

Q: How are diplomas mailed?

A: We mail diplomas to the home address in our records.  Please be sure that your address is up-to-date.

Q: I recently married or divorced.  How can I be sure the correct name will appear on my diploma?

A: Please write us and include legal documentation of the name change, such as the marriage certificate or divorce papers.  Once you have graduated, the name on record at the time of graduation remains.

Q: Can I order multiple diplomas?

A: No.  There is only one official diploma.

Q: Do you keep a copy of my diploma?

A: No.

Q: What if I lose my diploma in a fire, move, flood etc.?

A: You may order a replacement diploma.  Please mail the Registrar’s Office a signed request for a replacement diploma which includes identifying information, such as birthdate, student ID number, degree, and contact information.  Please include a check made out to Cambridge College in the amount of $27.00 or provide credit-card information.

Q: I owe the college money.  Will I receive my diploma?

A: You will not receive your diploma or transcript until you have paid the balance due.  When your balance is zero, please contact the Registrar’s Office about mailing your diploma to you.