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Program Chair, School Nurse Education Job Description

Job Description

The Program Chair for the MEd in School Nurse Education is an academic leadership, part-time administrative position with approval to teach in the program part-time as a Senior Instructor. The Program Chair is responsible for curricular oversight, academic advising (including orientation of students), and the recruitment and mentorship of faculty enrolled in and assigned to the MEd School Nurse Education program. The Program Chair works with faculty for currency and scheduling of content included in the program and ensures the update and ongoing oversight of program learning outcomes, assessment and reporting practices, course scheduling, and instructor assignment. Annually, the program chair completes and reports on program assessment practices and provides an individual self-assessment of leadership performance. The Program Chair also recommends to the dean all hiring, promotion, and assessment needs of faculty and provides insights on their ongoing growth and development specific to campus expectations for scholar practitioners. The Program chair participates in SOE meetings and provides leadership on academic committees, including the SOE's Curriculum Committee and others, as needed or identified in collaboration with the dean. The Program Chair also leads student orientation and group advising sessions specific to the program, attends and participates in faculty orientations, faculty planning days, and other unit-level and campus-level committees specific to the effective oversight of academic programs. Attendance at the College's annual graduation ceremony is also required.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

  • Recruit and recommend for faculty hiring to the dean specific to the program
  • Orient, mentor, and (in collaboration with the dean) evaluate faculty teaching in the program
  • Recommend faculty promotions to the dean
  • Prepares course schedules and faculty assignments each term in collaboration with the dean
  • Conducts and participates in program reviews, enrollment projections, and program assessment
  • Conduct student orientation, advising, and timely processing of concerns in collaboration with the dean.
  • Advise students for registration
  • Participates in SOE Curriculum Committee and all taskforces specific to the program, student Independent Learning Projects (ILPs), program reviews, institutional accreditation, and any campus-related committees.
  • Maintain and update all program handbooks
  • Maintain strong communications specific to the program at multiple level
  • Participate in professional activities and professional development specific to School Nurse Education on an ongoing and regular basis.
  • Engages in campus, community, regional, and national conversations specific to the area assigned
  • Serve as an official agent of the College specific to the area expertise assigned.
  • Willingness to explore and secure program approval for licensure specific to the practice of school nurses in MA;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education & Experience

  • Terminal degree (PhD or EdD)
  • Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse
  • At least 10 years of practical experience specific to the field of public school nursing, pediatrics, community health, and/or maternal-child health
  • Evidence of successful experience teaching in higher education
  • Evidence of successful administrative oversight and leadership of academic programs in higher education.

Skills & Knowledge Required

  • Ability to think critically with refined and focused problem solving skills;
  • Excellent presentation and written/verbal communication skills;
  • Knowledge of a wide range of school nursing licensure requirements, along with an appreciation and understanding of the broad scope and depth of skills and knowledge required by a practicing school nurse;
  • Knowledge of current nursing research, specific school nursing research, and evidence-based practice issues affecting school nursing;
  • Knowledge of Board of Registered Nursing requirements, mandates, NASN recommendations, CDC guidelines, and other regulations affecting the practice of school nurses;
  • Knowledge of curriculum design and assessment practices;
  • Able to model effective teaching practices specific to the area assigned and provide feedback to students helpful of improved performance.

Physical Effort Required

The program chair must be in good physical health as the individual may need to assist in moving materials from place to place.


To apply, please forward cover letter and resume to jobs@cambridgecollege.edu