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Program Chair - MBA/DBA/MHRM (CC Global) Job Description

Job Summary

The Program Chair oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of courses and overall curriculum, and manages the recruitment, selection, hiring and development of qualified faculty. All program courses must align with NECHE accreditation standards, as evidenced by the objective measurement of learning outcomes. The Program Chair also teaches online, serves on institutional committees, and represents the program specific and institutional events.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

Program Management

  • Management and oversight of all courses, faculty, development, assessment, and faculty evaluation for the Master in Business Administration.
  • Management and oversight of all courses, faculty, development, assessment, and faculty evaluation for the Master of Healthcare Management.
  • Management and oversight of all courses, faculty, development, assessment, and faculty evaluation for the Master of Human Resources Management.
  • Management and oversight of all courses, faculty, development, assessment, and faculty evaluation for the Doctor of Business Administration – QSM.
  • Ensure that program courses are staffed each term/session with qualified, credentialed instructors.
  • Ensure alignment of program goals with departmental and college-wide goals.

Faculty Management

  • In collaboration with the Dean of Academic Affairs (CC Global), recruit and hire industry-experienced faculty who instruct through methods relevant to the industries represented and with the distinct aim of optimal student learning and engagement.
  • Mentor program instructors and maintain continuity of curriculum; encourage faculty development in areas of subject matter content as well as in teaching methodology and pedagogy.
  • Respond to the academic needs of students and faculty in the department.
  • Conduct classroom observations and annual performance evaluations of adjunct faculty.
  • Provide academic and career mentorship to students and engage them in professional activities.

Program/Course Development

  • In collaboration with the Dean of Academic Affairs (CC Global), lead new program development through consistent research and consultation with industry experts and thought leaders. Coordinate with marketing for visible positioning of programs.
  • Manage program and curriculum development; ongoing creation and revision of courses; and enhancement, instruction, and assessment.
  • Review and revise the all programs to support the needs of the industry and update the dated courses.
  • Hire and manage subject matter experts (SME) and manage the complete online course development process through quality approval.
  • Provide strong leadership for outcomes-based, online curriculum development and manage revisions in keeping with current and future industry trends.
  • Complete minimal course updates (i.e., book updates) internally.


  • Assist the Dean of Academic Affairs (CC Global) in the development and implementation of program and course assessment strategies.
  • Manage and review student evaluation and faculty surveys and report each term on closing the assessment gap.
  • Co-chair the Assessment Committee

Additional Responsibilities/Committees

  • Participate in academic governance, recruitment, and orientation activities.
  • Serve on 3 committees, including the Curriculum Committee
  • Teach Three (3) courses each calendar year.

Other Duties/Responsibilities

  • Manage special projects as formally assigned by the Dean (including, but not limited to, the organization of student portfolios, assisting students prepare for internships or capstone projects; assistance with orientation programs and open houses; assistance with accreditation preparation.)
  • Partner with CCG B2B team to determine seminars, trainings, and other engagement opportunities.
  • Partner with CCG’s B2B and enrollment teams to identify viable enrollment pipelines and industry and academic partnerships and increase the visibility of these programs.
  • Act as an advocate for the mission of the departments to internal and external constituents.
  • Promote the academic quality of the departments and disciplines, both internally and externally.
  • Collaborate with Admissions and Advising on recruitment and retention activities including 3 new student orientations.
  • Manage special projects as formally assigned by the Dean.
  • Assume active involvement in industry-related organizations and integrate the tenets of these organizations into curriculum and co-curriculum.
  • Lead Program Advisory Boards in ways that foster industry engagement and identification of potential student markets and educational programming opportunities.
  • Foster relations with industry leads as participants in students’ Capstone research.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education & Experience Required

  • Terminal degree required at the graduate level.
  • Documented expertise in academic subject area as demonstrated by diplomas, degrees, transcripts, certifications, CVs/Resumes, in personal interview, and/or industry experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership in curriculum and faculty management.
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.

Skills & Knowledge Required

  • At least 3-4 years of leadership experience in a higher education environment.
  • Proven leadership and supervisory skills.
  • Comprehensive understanding of assessment practices.
  • Commitment to working with adult learners and demonstrated understanding of the distinct needs of adult learners.
  • Demonstrated skills in facilitating teams and accomplishing projects in a collaborative manner.
  • In-depth understanding of accreditation standards and how to align institutional goals with accreditation standards.
  • Expert knowledge of office computer applications, internet course structures and Canvas Learning Management System

Physical Effort Required

Employees must be able to sit for extended periods of time.


To apply please forward cover letter and resume to