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Professional Development for Staff union, MLA union and Non-union employees (excluding Faculty)

Date of original implementation:

Date of Last Revision: June 2012

Purpose - Professional development funds are intended for educational and training development expenses that help in job advancement or promotion. Departmental training or job related skill development which is required to do your current job should normally be paid for with College training funds.

What's Covered — Courses, workshops, training, conferences, seminars (including registration fees, travel, lodging and food). Books, videos and other educational media may also be purchased if related to professional development. Resources available at the College (e.g. course, seminars, etc.) should be utilized first. Personal equipment such as laptops, readers, computers, etc. are not reimbursable with professional development funds.

Amount — Each employee receives up to $600 (Staff) and $650 (MLA) for professional development.

Approval Process — All requests must be in writing and submitted at least 30 workdays in advance of the beginning date of the development need. The requests must be approved by the Supervisor, Department Head and Vice President for the area involved. All requests will be resolved within two work weeks of the receipt of such request. Professional development funds are issued on a reimbursement basis based on receipts from approved requests. Direct payment by the institution, when appropriate, can also be arranged when making the request.

Unions —Any specific language contained in the Union contract shall supersede any details which may not be addressed in this policy statement.

Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: Vice President for Finance and Administration