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Policy Adoption Process for Cambridge College

Date of original implementation: June 14, 2010

Date of Last Revision: June 14, 2010

The creation of official institutional policies requires a coordinated process of review and adoption along with a centralized and accessible repository in order to maintain updated policies for use by the entire Cambridge College community. The College recognizes that the transition to this process will take some time and does not wish to impede the orderly operation of the institution based on existing policies that have yet to be reviewed by this procedure. Therefore, until all policies have been processed through this procedure, the College will continue to recognize the validity of established policies by which Cambridge College has been operating. It is the goal of this process to have all existing policies reviewed and officially adopted by September 1, 2011.

The General Counsel shall be the coordinator of this policy adoption process. Each Vice President and their respective divisions shall be responsible for initiating and reviewing policies that primarily involve their areas of responsibility. As new policies are developed or as existing policies are reviewed, they will be submitted to the General Counsel for review under the policy adoption process. Policies will adhere to a general template as attached so that adoption dates and revisions can be tracked and identification of the responsible person for revision and implementation is identified. Policies received by the General Counsel will be forwarded to the Policy, Planning and Budget Committee of the College Senate (PPBC) for review and input and PPBC will report on the policies to the Senate. The Senate must provide any input or responses to the General Counsel no later than 3 weeks prior to the next quarterly Board meeting. The President, Vice Presidents and General Counsel will review and approve policies before final submission to the Board of Trustees for official adoption.

Cambridge College reserves the right to adopt policies via an emergency procedure where there is insufficient time to complete this process and the policy is needed for the orderly operation of the institution. The approval of policies via the emergency process is within the sole discretion of the President, Vice Presidents and General Counsel. Any policy adopted via the emergency procedure will subsequently be routed through this policy review and approval process at the next available opportunity for consideration and ratification at a subsequent Board of Trustees meeting.

Once a policy has been officially ratified by the Board of Trustees, it will be posted for access by the entire College on an appropriate web location (initially through MyCC). Policies will be generally categorized into the following headings: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Financial and Administrative Affairs and General. All policies will be subject to triennial review and certain critical policies may be subject to annual review if so identified in the policy.


Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: General Counsel

Cambridge College Policy Template

Name of Policy (bold)

Date of original implementation:

Date of last revision:

Body of the policy (all policies should be written in 11 point Calibri font for uniformity in posting).


Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: (Usually a Vice President or the President, but may also include a Director or other Manager Responsible)