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Salia-Bao, Kemoh

Core Faculty
Harvard University
School of Education
School Affiliation

School of Education, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, Dissertation Chair.

Academic Focus

Educational leadership and social justice.

Curriculum theory, research and development.

Community Involvement

Dr. Kemoh Salia-Bao started his illustrious career in the 70’s and during this span of almost three decades, he has developed and mentored hundreds of students, including doctoral students, at all levels. He has published over 15 books and has authored many numerous scholarly articles and technical publications for academic circles and for government and international agencies. Recently, he has been involved in the revision of Common Core State Standards in the Core Subjects and also with NEASC and DESE.

Courses Taught
  • Social and Cultural Foundations of Educational Leadership
  • Curriculum Development, Assessment & Improvement for the School Administrator
  • Philosophical and Psycho-Social foundations of Education
  • Foundations of Social Science Research
  • Advanced Psycho-Educational Assessment & Educational Planning

PDS (Post Doctoral Study), Education Social Change and Development. Harvard University.

EdD (Doctor of Education) Teaching, Curriculum and Learning Environments. Harvard University.

EdM (Masters of Education) Teaching, Curriculum and Learning Environment. Harvard University.

BA (Ed), Secondary Education. University of Sierra Leone.

TC (Ed) Early Childhood and Elementary Education. University of Sierra Leone.

Professional Experience
  • Teacher, and administrator at the Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Teachers College.
  • UNESCO’s Chief Technical Adviser & Senior Lecturer at the United Nations Institute for Namibia.
  • Education Adviser and Curriculum Development and Teacher Education Expert-World Bank Project, Banjul, the Gambia.
  • Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education, Njala University.
  • Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of Jos.
Awards & Recognitions
  • Harvard Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  • Honored as Member of West African Consortium, Ford Foundation.
Research & Publications
  • The Namibian Education System Under the Colonialists, Hodder and Stoughton, U.K. 1991, 2009.
  • Curriculum Development and African Culture. Edward Arnold, U.K. 1990, 2009
  • African Social Studies Program. A Handbook for Teachers. Evans Publishers, U.K. 1990, 2010.
  • An Introduction to Curriculum Studies. Macmillan Publishers, U.K. 1990, 2009.
  • Educational Component by K Salia-Bao, A Blueprint for Namibian Development, United Nations Institute for Namibia. United Nations 1987.
Selected Presentations
  • An Analytical Case  Study of MACOS  in Sierra Leone, Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  • A survey Report on Namibian Colonial Education and Strategies for Development. Funded by UNESCO, Presented at the United Nations Institute for Namibia.
  • A Report on NORMADIC education in Northern Nigeria (funded  by Federal Government of Nigeria) Presented at the University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • A Human Resource Survey Report on Colonial Namibia before independence. Presented at the United Nations Institute for Namibia. Funded by UNESCO.
Professional Memberships & Affiliations
  • World Curriculum Organization, executive member, Indiana University, USA.
  • Nigerian Curriculum Organization, (Founder) Indiana University, USA.
  • Executive member, Ford Foundation for West AFRICA.
  • Executive member, Ford Foundation, Ford Research for West AFRICA.
  • Member, college lecturers association.