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Lee, James

Dean of School of Arts & Sciences
Professor of Biology
Northeastern University
School Affiliation

Cambridge College School of Arts & Sciences

Academic Focus

Biological sciences

Courses Taught

Cambridge College

SCI 225     General Biology  
SCI 230     Anatomy and Physiology
SCI 231     Marine Biology
SCI 400     Ethology: Principles of Animal Behavior
SCI 406     Evolutionary Biology

Harvard University

E-100     Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
S-21       Comparative Anatomical Perspective of Human Origins and Health
E-130     Ichthyology Graduate Seminar
B-130     Ichthyology


Ed.D. - Northeastern University - Higher Education; International Education Systems

M.A. - Harvard University - Biology

B.S. - University of Miami - Communications

Professional Experience

Harvard University

  • Head lecturer
  • Teaching and Research Fellow: fish biology, comparative vertebrate anatomy, human physiology

New England Seacoast Institute: co-founder/executive director and director of research
Harvard Marine Science Review: co-founder and president

Awards & Recognitions
  • Qingdao College of Science and Technology - Honorary Professor of Biology                        
  • Shandong Province Confucius Scholar Medal
  • Harvard University Derek Bok Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Harvard University Marine Science Review Leadership Award
  • Senator Edward Kennedy citation for public service through education
  • Harvard University Derek Bok Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Dean’s Prize for Outstanding Thesis in the Natural Sciences (Biology),  Harvard University