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Part Time Senior Faculty (California) Job Description

Job Summary

The Senior Instructor in the School of Psychology and Counseling (SOPC) is primarily responsible for teaching assigned courses in accordance with the course description, Specific Learning Objectives (SLO’s)and local statutes pertaining to the subject matter.  Prior to being assigned a course, the instructor shall have demonstrated specific competence and training in the area to be taught as evaluated by the Dean of SOPC.  Instructors selected to teach in the marriage and family or other clinical counseling areas shall have documented knowledge, skills and abilities in the assigned subject matter.  “Teaching” includes planning, organizing, assessing and engaging with students as well as participating in SOPC initiatives and activities.

Education and Experience

SOPC requires that faculty members hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Psychology or related field and a current CA state issued license: LMFT, LCSW, LPCC or Psychologist. A minimum of 2 years teaching experience at the graduate level is preferred. Applicants should have a passion for teaching, advising, and mentoring students. Successful applicants will have an understanding of adult learning principles and a record of scholarly and/or professional contributions to the field. The candidate will be proficient utilizing a variety of course delivery structures including on-site, online and hybrid.

SOPC Instructors will provide a safe learning environment in the classroom and uphold the policies and procedures set forth by the Cambridge College Faculty Handbook. Individual instructors may have their own policies within the classroom regarding attendance and make-up work.  However, these policies may not supersede the College’s policies.  Instructor policies must be made included in the course syllabus.    

  • Provide “office hours” where students may schedule meetings to review progress and / or concerns.
  • In addition, instructors will be required to complete the following administrative and academic responsibilities related to teaching:  (These instructions are also provided on the “teaching contract” provided at the beginning of each semester.
  • Use the Cambridge College approved email system to support communication with students and campus personnel.
  • Enter textbook information on the MyCC Web Portal in accordance with Federal compliance regulations by the established College deadline. 
  • Review, download, and update your class roster on the MyCC Web Portal and submit a printed copy to the Registrar’s Office at the beginning of the term by the date required.
  • Record student attendance and participation via the MyCC Web Portal in accordance with College protocol.
  • Enter students’ grades via the MyCC Web Portal and return your signed credit/grade sheet to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Complete all necessary training connected to your employment as required by the College (including, but not limited to, training regarding Title IX, discrimination, workplace technologies, etc.).
  • Remind and encourage students to complete the College’s Online Course Evaluation.
  • Seek prior approval from the Dean or Regional Location Director before you cancel or reschedule a particular class meeting for any reason.
  • Any in-seat class time that is cancelled for any reason, including weather related campus closures, must be made up with either face-to-face time or other means of instructor contact time, as approved by the Dean or Regional Location Director.
  • Review the Faculty Roles and Responsibilities document outlining your duties as a Senior Instructor. Your duties include teaching as well as professional and institutional service. 
  • Please note that Cambridge College protects and fosters academic freedom of all members of the faculty regardless of rank or term of appointment.


To apply please forward cover letter and resume to