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Part Time Adjunct Faculty for Network Security, Information Security, and Risk Management Job Description

Job Summary

An adjunct faculty member at Cambridge College is primarily responsible for teaching in discipline/discipline related areas in which he/she has specific training and/or competence as evaluated by the School Dean. This will include planning, organizing and delivering course material and content, assessing student learning and engaging with students, as well as participating in School initiatives and activities.

Education and Experience

Cambridge College requires that faculty members hold a bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree preferred) and/or a minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in a professional work setting aligned with the program-of-entry.  Industry recognized certificates in associated subject areas are not required but strongly preferred.

Job Duties

The applicant should be prepared to teach one or more of the following [note: this list can be modified to include broader range of IT-based courses being offered]:

  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  • Introduction to Computer and Network Security
  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Cybersecurity Governance Frameworks
  • Digital Law – Policies, Regulations, Ethics (Compliance)
  • Auditing and Risk Management
  • Disaster Recovery/Forensics and Security
  • Communication Strategy for Information Security Professionals
  • Intrusion Detection and Response
  • Prepares and delivers instruction to students in assigned modalities (including classroom, hybrid, online, etc.) as per the schedule and course contract using a variety of teaching methods and strategies. Designs and implement engaging classes and instructional material that demonstrate real-world applications of concepts discussed/studied. Provides feedback on students’ progress, including evaluation of student mastery of course and program outcomes using school’s key assignments as required.
  • Evaluates and selects text and instructional materials and prepares course materials and lesson plans.
  • Makes optimal use of available technology to enhance instructional methods.
  • Prepares and submits required documentation (to College and to students) complying with policies and procedures including but not limited to: disability accommodations, syllabus and textbook submissions, attendance, grades, training, course evaluations, in-seat time, learning outcomes assessments, learning management system, email and technology, faculty evaluation, etc.
  • Uses College provided tools and resources to offer feedback to students in matters related to academic success in a timely manner and to respond to the department and division.  All official email communications between the faculty and students and/or the College must be conducted through Cambridge College’s email server. 
  • Maintains and disseminates current information pertaining to services available to students throughout the college.
  • Notifies immediate supervisor of student situations/issues (i.e. academic integrity)
  • Is available for student consultation.
  • Ensures knowledge of and implements emergency and safety procedures for classrooms, labs and all learning environments.
  • Participates in department, school and institutional meetings as requested.
  • Maintains professional development/growth according to personal needs and requirements for certification (if applicable).
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of, ability to develop, and commitment to use emerging technologies and alternative delivery methods appropriately, including online delivery, hybrid course options, etc.
  • Experience in the field of programming, computer support, or cyber security.
  • Commitment to stay current and continually improve knowledge and understanding of the discipline.
  • Commitment to excellence in teaching and mentoring students.
  • Ability to develop and implement diverse teaching and learning for different learning styles and to respond to the needs of learners from a variety of educational backgrounds in a multicultural environment.
  • Ability to design learning activities to achieve determined learning outcomes.
  • Ability to use formative and summative assessment measures to enhance learning.
  • Skill in the use of technology and relevant current software.
  • Ability to effectively communicate interpersonally orally, and in writing.
  • Good organizational skills and interpersonal relationship skills with students and colleagues.


To apply, please forward cover letter and resume to