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Northeast Consortium of Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (NECCUM)

Cambridge College is a proud member of Northeast Consortium of Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts [NECCUM], a well-established consortium of 11 colleges and universities (private and public, two-year and four-year) linked by geographic proximity, and a commitment to enhance the experience of our collective students, faculty and staff through cooperative programs. Students at member institutions have the opportunity to take courses at and use the libraries of any of the NECCUM member institutions.


Non-Cambridge College Students

Do you need a course that Cambridge College offers? If your college is part of the NECCUM Partnership, you may be able to take it here.

We offer courses in three Massachusetts locations: Boston, Lawrence and Springfield. By combining superior education with expert faculty and a multicultural, multi-generational student body, our campus offers a unique, flexible schedule for the working adult! Class schedules vary among locations — with evening, weekend intensives, hybrid and online sessions offered every term. 

Contact our Admissions Team at admissions@cambridgecollege.edu to learn more.

Cambridge College Students

Is there a class you are interested in taking that Cambridge College doesn’t offer or that doesn’t fit in with your schedule? Then check out the Northeast Consortium of Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (NECCUM). You can take courses at eleven colleges while you're a student at Cambridge College.

Contact your advisor to learn more.

NECCUM broadens your options

With NECCUM, you can:

  • Take a course (and use the library) at one of eleven private and public colleges in the region.
  • Pay your school's tuition (fees for class-related materials are paid to the institution where you take the course).
  • Automatically receive grades and credits which become part of your record.

NECCUM Member Institutions

Click on the links below for more information about each school.

Eligibility for Participation

  • Must have completed at least 12 credits at CC and have a 2.0 GPA
  • Must be in a major/program
  • Must be fulltime between both colleges
  • Must be registered in at least two courses at CC during the NECCUM semester
  • Not allowed to take more than two courses each semester at the host college (NECC, Merrimack, and North Shore, etc.)
  • Must meet all prerequisite requirements for NECCUM courses
  • Must complete the NECCUM Registration Form with an advisor based in Boston, Lawrence or Springfield
  • First semester students are excluded from participating in NECCUM