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Accessing the IT Helpdesk

Cambridge College eHelpdesk

In addition to walk-in support you can submit a request through our eHelpdesk system. The best and the fastest way to create support ticket is to send an email to the helpdesk. You can call us at 617-873-0159 or send an email to helpdesk@cambridgecollege.edu. You can still follow the steps below to categorize and provide detailed information about your difficulties.

Please follow these steps to log onto the eHelpdesk to request assistance from the IT Help Desk

  1. From a computer connected to the internet, open a web browser and go to http://helpdesk.cambridgecollege.edueHelpdesk screenshot
  2. Type in your Network Username (firstname.lastname) and password. Do not include any other digits that follow in your email address. Your login is only the first 20 characters of your name.
  3. Click the New Request link available just below the tabs in the header pane. Alternatively, you can click the New Request link from the main window.
  4. Select a relevant problem category (Email, Network connectivity, software etc)
  5. Enter a relevant title to the request that will summarize your request (this will help us assign the correct technician to your request).
  6. Describe your technical problem/request in the description field. Try to be as specific as possible so we can help you.Helpdesk Request Template
  7. Click the 'Add Request' button to submit your request. You will receive an automatic confirmation email with your ticket number.