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Employee Personnel Files

Date of Original Implementation: March 12, 2003

Date of Last Revision: February, 2011

The Office of Human Resources maintains a personnel file for each employee. Personnel files contain basic personal information (e.g. name, address, phone number, emergency contact, date of birth) and employment related information such as resume, job application, job title, job description, compensation, dates of employment, performance reviews, recognition documents, disciplinary documents, employment verifications, employment status changes, or specific waivers signed by the employee. Supervisors may also maintain documents relating to individual employees, including email. Faculty contract files are also considered part of the personnel file even though they are maintained outside of the Office of Human Resources.

Disclosure of personnel files is restricted to the employee and the authorized College officials or agents of the College on a need to know basis. No person has a right under this policy to inspect, copy or challenge the contents of the personnel file relating to any other individual, except to the extent that such person may be authorized to do so by the College. However, the College will cooperate with requests from authorized law enforcement agencies, and local, state, or federal agencies conducting official investigations or audits, which provide appropriate documentation to be granted access. We also will respond to subpoenas as required, which may include providing copies of documents contained in the employee's personnel file. When files are accessed by anyone other than the employee, College official, or agent with a need to know, copies will redact confidential personal information otherwise required by law, including social security numbers, driver's license numbers, state or College issued identification card numbers, financial account numbers, credit/debit card numbers, security codes, PIN numbers, passwords, and confidential medical information.

In accordance with Massachusetts state regulations MGL c 149, 52c and the Acts of 2010 MGL 240, c240, s148 the Office of Human Resources and/or the supervisor will notify an employee within 10 days of any documentation being placed into the personnel file that has been used or may be used that could negatively affect the employee's qualification for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation, or disciplinary action. If an employee wishes to dispute any contents of their personnel file, they may do so in writing and this documentation will be placed into the personnel file along with the document(s) being disputed. All email communications between a supervisor and employee shall contain the following statement: "All email communications between a supervisor and employee are employee related records and may become a part of your personnel file."

The College permits employees to review their personnel records within 5 business days of a written and signed request for review. The review shall take place in the Office of Human Resources during normal business hours. Employees may not take or alter any document found within their personnel records. Supervisors must review an employee's personnel file in the Office of Human Resources in the presence of a human resources staff member. The review is required in the Office of Human Resources in order to protect against loss of records and ensure confidentiality of the review process. For the confidential review of a personnel file by an employee or a supervisor at a regional center location, a copy can be securely forwarded upon receiving a written and signed request.

Unless otherwise noted in a collective bargaining agreement, an employee shall be given a copy of the personnel file within 5 business days of the submission of a written request for a copy. There is no charge to active employees to receive one free copy per year, and may access their personnel file up to two times per year, unless otherwise noted in the collective bargaining agreement. Former employees will be charged the service fee of 25 cents per page for a complete copy of their personnel file. Personnel files of former employees are only required to be saved for three years after termination of employment, unless a legal action is pending and then it is saved until the litigation hold is lifted.

Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: Director of Human Resources