Practicum Seminar in Alcohol and Drug Counseling

ADC 521

Enrollment limited to 10. This course is for students beginning their alcohol and drug counsel­ing program fieldwork. Counselor trainees become familiar with the following: basic professional counseling skills and behaviors; working with agencies/systems; the use of supervision; beginning diagnostic skills; and DSM-IV TR. The 300 hour practical supervised experience takes place in a facility or agency licensed to provide counseling services. An opportunity to provide 10 hours in each of the “12 core functions” will be part of this experiential placement. Participants complete case presentations, case scripts, process notes and take an active part in the didactic and demonstration parts of the class. Readings and active discussion are required. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts specifies that this practicum be supervised by an “approved supervisor” as described in (CMR) 262, in order for students to meet requirements for licensure as a an LMHC. Requirements for those not seeking a mental health license will be provided by the program director or your advisor.