Withdrawal (Temporary or Permanent)

Current students who do not plan to take courses in the next term must:

  • Discuss it with the seminar leader/academic advisor, and
  • Submit a completed Withdrawal form to the registrar.

Tuition Liability — The Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form must be submitted to the registrar in order to receive any reduction in tuition liability and to inform lending institutions of the change in enrollment status. A student who drops out of Cambridge College and/or individual courses and does not submit the withdrawal form or add/drop form will receive a grade of No Show and will not receive any reduction of tuition liability.

Financial Aid — Loan repayment starts sooner for students who do not register for courses in consecutive terms. To defer loan repayment, undergraduate students must take at least six credits every term and graduate students must take at least four credits.

A student who has received a federal loan must complete federally mandated exit counseling prior to leaving (see Financial Aid).

Medical Withdrawal — Upon presenting appropriate medical documentation to the Dean of Student Affairs, a student may be allowed to drop a course or take a leave of absence for medical reasons. All withdrawal policy requirements apply (see above and see also Add/Drop Policy). See full Medical Withdrawal policy.