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Cambridge College Book Exchange (CCBE) Policy

Date of original implementation: June 2012

Date of Last Revision: June 2012

Terms of Use

The Cambridge College Book Exchange is a forum where used books can be bought by, sold to and traded by Cambridge College (CC) students. This policy is designed to govern what takes place in the forum and create a user friendly environment for all students. If you do visit the forum, you accept these following guidelines. Please read carefully. If you should have any questions, contact the Dean of Student Affairs,

General Guidelines

1. Your activities on the site will be governed by this CCBE policy and User Agreement.

2. CC student are at all times to follow the CC Student Code of Conduct.

3. CCBE is not intended for use by non CC students.

4. The CC student who enters the exchange as a buyer or seller is responsible for bringing the transaction to completion.

5. CC does not collect money in the sale of books

6. CC has the right but not the obligation to monitor, edit or remove any activity or content that violates any part of the policy.

7. CCBE in not responsible for unsuccessful transactions.

8. CC reserves the right to terminate access.

9. CC reserves the right to make changes to this policy, and guidelines at any time.

10. CC takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for quality of books available. There is no guarantee that books listed on the CCBE will be the current required edition or text for any specific class. Students are encouraged to verify which texts are needed for a specific class.

11. To file a complaint, fill out and turn in a Student Complaint Form to the Dean of Student Affairs

a. (Refer to the Users Agreements' Limitation of Liability)

12. It is recommended that the transaction of books take place on your campus or in a public and visible place.

Selling Books

1. Books may be entered in the exchange online through our CCBE link on your MyCC portal.

2. Once books are placed on the exchange, their price is fixed. Sellers may not change the price after that point.

3. Students should not post books that are not used by a class we offer.

4. Listing books: Below is required information in your listing.

a. Class the book is for

b. Title (edition)

c. Author(s)

d. ISBN number 10 or 13

e. Condition of book (very good, good, acceptable, bad, very bad)

f. Price

g. Notes

h. Email

i. Phone number (not needed)

5. If any info is missing, it will be removed from listing.

6. All book prices are to be designated in the listing, including free books, which are to be labeled as $0.00.

Buying Books

1. Any CC student may buy a book on the Exchange.

2. Log into your MyCC portal to gain access to the used book listing.

3. It is the responsibility of the student to negotiate and complete transactions.

4. CCBE does not verify that the class still uses the book listed.


Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementations: Vice President Enrollment Management and Marketing, Dean of Student Affairs