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Application Fee - Admissions

Date of Original Implementation: August, 2011

Date of Last Revision: October 2011

A $50 application fee is a requirement to apply to Cambridge College. The EDD application fee and the international student application fee are $100. These fee amounts are subject to change in the future. A student application file will not be considered complete and the student will not be eligible for admission until the fee has been received. Applicants for whom the fee poses an undue hardship may apply for an application fee scholarship by submitting a written request to the Director of Admissions or Regional Center Director explaining their hardship situation.

Waivers can be granted in specific cases or for specific events as approved by the Vice President of Enrollment Management. No staff member is allowed to waive a fee for any student.


Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: Provost, Dean of Enrollment Management, Director of Admissions, Regional Center Directors