Raime Reed

Class of 2013, Elementary Education (4 to 6)
"I didn’t come to Cambridge College by chance. I was meant to be here."

From the time that I was a small girl, I knew that I wanted to be an educator. In April of 2011, I found out that my father had cancer. One day while driving my father to Memphis for a chemotherapy treatment, I heard an ad on the radio about Cambridge College.  I told my dad, “Daddy, I’ve been hearing about this school. I think that I am going to check into it.”  He told me, “Do it. I’m going to be the loudest one at the graduation.” Unfortunately, as time progressed the cancer spread and reached the point where chemotherapy and radiation was ineffective and he passed away. 

One of my Cambridge College colleagues told me that one day, during my time as an educator, a little girl or boy may need to hear my story; they may need to know that things will be just fine. When I think of a gift, I often think of talent.  My gift is my testimony.  It is also a gift from God; to be able to speak about this, to have peace and joy, and to have grown so much through my experience. During the most difficult time in my life, many of my Cambridge College colleagues, professors, family, and friends were extremely supportive.

Within a brief time period following graduation, I attained an excellent employment opportunity as teacher within my degree field of elementary education. The relationships that were formed at Cambridge College will be life-long friendships.  I didn’t come to Cambridge College by chance. I was meant to be here. I love to share my story and encourage others to strive and believe, even during the rough times in the valley. In time, you’ll reach the top of the mountain.