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Academic Technology

Academic Technology is integral to the experience of students, faculty and administrators at Cambridge College.  The College supports and promotes the use of technology for academic programs and administrative functions.  Available resources include but are not limited to:

  • A/V Services
  • CCOL - Cambridge College Online Library eBooks, Journals, Periodicals
  • Computer Labs
  • JICS - Campus Wide Web Portal to Support Students - Includes the Library
  • MS Word - Support for APA Writing
  • MyCC - College-wide website and source of information for registered students
  • TaskSteam - Academic Program Support and Assessment tool for students and faculty
  • TURNITIN - Anti-Plagiarism and Writing Support
  • WebEx

Learn more about the breadth of our Academic Technology resources.

The Academic Technology Group is led by:

Hormoz Goodarzy
William McMican
Joseph Miglio

Contact them with questions about academic technology at Cambridge College via ATG@cambridgecollege.edu.