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Golden Anniversary Challenge

To help celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we have established a $500,000 fundraising challenge to support student related resources for financial aid, guidance services, and remote learning tools.

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A Challenge for the Futurearrow

At the base of the College’s mission is the abiding belief that healthy communities are built and sustained by the people who live in the neighborhoods, work in the schools and agencies, and manage and create the opportunities that help all citizens live fulfilled lives.  By providing these working adults with the knowledge and skills associated with undergraduate and graduate level education, the college is a partner helping to transform communities into places that enhance the human spirit and provide for the common good. 

Cambridge College invests in people who are committed to their communities and to their own life-long learning.  The college’s faculty know well the challenges these working adults face in shaping careers and in building community, and they rely heavily on the resources these older students bring to every class.

Equally important, however, the College recognizes that our society will succeed only if we appreciate fully our most precious resource - our people.  And given the challenges we face today, and in the future, we cannot afford to overlook or underutilize the gifts of any individual. 

Cambridge College will continue to be true to its founding mission to be a partner to working adults.  The success of this Challenge will help the College realize more fully that mission, ensuring that it remains innovative, diverse, excellent, and accessible in everything it does.

Partner with us today by making education available to everyone with a giftEach donation made in honor of our 50th Anniversary will support student related resources for financial aid, guidance services and remote learning tools.

Richard Snyder