Requesting Official Transcripts

Transcripts are used for admissions and transfer credit evaluation. Applicants must request official transcripts, and we must receive them sealed and unopened. Only official transcripts are accepted. Many colleges are moving towards electronic processes for requesting and sending official transcripts. Here's how:

How to Send an Electronic Transcript to Cambridge College

As directed by your school's Registrar's Office, please go to one of the following:

After completing the personal information screen, from drop-down menus select the following:

State:  Massachusetts
School Name:  Cambridge College
Department:  Admissions Office
Delivery Method:  Electronic Exchange
Name of Recipient:  Cambridge College will already be filled in
Attention:  Admissions Office will already be filled in
Quantity:  Select number (cost is displayed here)
Processing Option:  Now

Then review the order, enter credit-card information and sign the consent:  Done!

Please call us at 617-873-0101 if you need assistance.  We look forward to your joining us as a student!

Paper Transcript Request Form

If you and your school prefer a written request on paper, please use this paper form.

International Transcripts

International transcripts must be translated and evaluated. If your transcript comes from outside the U.S., you must submit BOTH an original or certified copy of your transcript and an official transcript evaluation by any NACES member evaluation service (visit