POSTED 3/20/18 9:45PM

Due to the impending snow forecast, ALL DAY and EVENING classes at CC-BOSTON are CANCELLED for Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

CC-SPRINGFIELD will CLOSE at 4PM ON 3/21/18.

Administrative offices are open until further notice.  Check your emails, MYCC, the website and social media for campus updates and notifications.

2013 Early Literacy Conference

Cambridge College was honored to be a part of the second annual, 2013 Early Literacy Conference both as a committee member of the Riverside County Childcare Consortium, Western Region and also as an exhibitor at the conference.  The Early Literacy Conference is a wonderful event that reaches out to a large population of educators and professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge in the field of integrating literacy into early education.  Through partnering with the Childcare Consortium, Cambridge College has built strong relationships with many significant individuals within early education and has been granted the opportunity to be a part of the 2014 Early Literacy Conference.