Medical Interpreter Certificate Program Policy

Date of original implementation: June 3, 2011

Date of Last Revision: June 3, 2011

Students interested in receiving a certificate in medical interpreting must indicate “medical interpreting certificate” in writing on their admission application. Students seeking the medical interpreting certificate are required to submit an admissions application and application fee. They are not required to submit any other admission materials. This certificate is considered non-degree seeking, therefore students are not eligible for financial aid.

Students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree seeking program and wish to also take medical interpreting courses may do so, with the understanding that the medical interpreting courses are part of their degree program and they will be charged the bachelor’s degree tuition for these courses. Students who complete the medical interpreting certificate program but do not complete the bachelor’s degree will still be held responsible for the bachelor’s degree tuition costs, in accordance with federal financial aid guidelines.

Accepted students should seek guidance from the Academic Advising Office in Student Affairs.


Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: Provost, Dean of Enrollment Management, Director of Admissions, Registrar