Leaves of Absence / Withdrawals

Current students who do not wish to enroll in the next term must visit the Registrar’s Office to complete the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form. 

  1. A student who finds it necessary to withdraw or take a leave of absence must:
  • Discuss it with the seminar leader/academic advisor
  • Submit an official leave of absence/withdrawal form (available on the website) to the registrar. The Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form must be submitted to the registrar in order to receive any reduction in tuition liability and to inform lending institutions of the change in enrollment status.
  1. A student who drops out of Cambridge College and/or individual courses and does not submit the leave of absence/withdrawal form or add/drop form will receive a grade of No Show and will not receive any reduction of tuition liability.
  2. A student who has received a federal loan must complete federally mandated exit counseling prior to leaving (see Financial Aid).
  3. Medical Withdrawal Policy — Upon presenting appropriate medical documentation to the Dean of Student Affairs, a student may be allowed to drop a course or take a leave of absence for medical reasons. All withdrawal policy requirements apply (see above and see also Add/Drop Policy). See full policy.