FAQ's for Student Registration

Q: What is the URL for MyCC?

A:  https://mycc.cambridgecollege.edu/ics.

Q: How do I log in to MyCC?

A: Into the User Name field, enter your Cambridge College ID number.  Into the Password field, enter the password you received in a letter from the Admissions Office.  If you cannot locate this information, please call the Registrar’s Office for assistance at 1-800-877-4723 X1101.

Q: How do I search for courses on MyCC?

A: Under the Home tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Course Search.

Q: How do I register for courses?

A: Please find directions under the MyCC Tutorials tab.

Q: How do non-matriculated students register for courses?

A: Non-matriculated students (special students) who are not enrolled in a degree or certificate register for courses with the .

Q: What do I do if a course is full?

A: You may join the class if you submit to the Registrar’s Office an with the written permission of the instructor.

Q: When I’m completing an Add/Drop or Registration form, what information do I need to include about the class?

A: Please include the entire course number AND the location/section number, AND the title.  For class CCP 670 CA02 Career Counseling, CCP 670 is the course number, CA02 is the location/section number, and Career Counseling is the title.

Q: What do the different location codes stand for?

A: Cambridge College location codes are as follows:

  • AU= Augusta
  • CA = Cambridge (Please note that CA includes three buildings—1000 Mass. Ave., 80 Prospect St. and 17 Msgr. O’Brien Highway)
  • CF = California
  • DL = Distance Learning
  • GA = Georgia
  • LA = Lawrence
  • PR = Puerto Rico
  • SP = Springfield
  • VA = Virginia
  • W[#] = Summer Institutes
  • YU = Year Up

Q: What is the code for the days of the week?

A: As follows:

  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday
  • S = Saturday
  • U = Sunday

Q: How do I find out which courses to take?

A: Consult the program of study you received at Orientation. Register for only those courses listed in your program of study.  Consult with your advisor.

Q: Can I register for classes by telephone?

A: We do not accept course registration by telephone.  You can either register through MyCC or complete a paper .

Q: I will be graduating from my MEd program this January and I have a graduation clearance pending HOLD on my account.  Why can I not register for CAGS classes as soon as web registration opens in December?

A: You must graduate from one program before registering for classes in a new program.  If you tell us that you have applied for another program, we will provide Admissions Records a transcript showing conferral of the degree you have just completed.  This will complete your application, and you will then be able to register for classes.

Q: How do I take a course as an alumna or alumnus?

A: Contact the Admissions Office, and apply as a special student or for a new degree program.

Q: I do not wish to matriculate into a degree program, just take a single course.  With whom should I speak?

A: Contact the Admissions Department at 1-800-877-4723 X 1774.  You will need to complete a special student application.

Q: Are required books listed on the web?

A: Yes.  Once you have registered for a course, in MyCC, click on the Student Registration tab, then, under Student Schedule, click on the course link, then, below Course Description, click on Course Textbooks.

Q:  How do I contact my instructor?

A:  Email is the best method.  Please feel free to contact the Registrar’s Office for the email address at 617-873-0101.

Q: If I drop a course after the Add/Drop Period has ended, am I responsible for the tuition charge?

A: If the course has not yet met, you are not responsible for the tuition charge; if the course has met, then you remain responsible for the tuition charge.

Q: How many online or hybrid courses may I register for?

A: Students must limit the number of credits they take in online courses to less than 50% of their program. Hybrid courses that combine online and on-site work in a single course are considered on-site and not online.

Q: I can’t finish my ILP during the first term.  What should I do?

A: Your ILP supervisor will submit an incomplete (INC) grade.  This INC is permanent. At the beginning of the next term, use a paper to sign up for the ILP Extension course, 801, and include the name of your project supervisor.  Please note that this course costs $400.00, and federal financial aid will pay for taking the course twice only.  If you need additional terms to complete the culminating project, you will receive the INC grade in the 801 course.  The following term, you would register for the course again.

Q: How do I change my ILP supervisor?

A: Consult with the dean of your school.

Q: How do I know if a class has been cancelled (due to inclement weather or illness)?

A: Cambridge College attempts to notify students as soon as possible by phone.  Cancellations are also posted on the Cambridge College home page and with the answering service.

You may call 617-868-1000 for a recorded message about closings.  Closings are also listed on WBZ 1030 News Radio, WBZTV Channel 4, WCVBTV Channel 5 and WHDHTV Channel 7.

Q:  How do I know if a course has been cancelled before it begins or if there is a schedule change?

A: You will receive an email through your Cambridge College account from the department cancelling the course.