School of Management

The School of Management offers graduate programs that develop managerial skills and knowledge to prepare students for improved management performance, increased advancement opportunities, and more effective leadership in private, public and not-for-profit organizations. Students with professional or technical experience expand their managerial training as they assume leadership positions. Those with more limited formal experience gain valuable managerial and leadership skills and competencies to enhance their opportunities for potential growth and advancement. 

Masters Degrees
Program Location(s)
Management (MM55) Cambridge, Virginia, Springfield
Master of Management (MM) Cambridge, Virginia, Lawrence, Springfield, Southern California
Program Location(s)
Business Certificate Cambridge
Business Negotiation Certificate Cambridge
Health Care Informatics Certificate Cambridge
Health Care Management Certificate Cambridge
Information Technology Management Certificate Cambridge
Non-Profit & Public Management Certificate Cambridge
Organizational Leadership Certificate Cambridge
Senior Care Management Certificate Cambridge
Small Business Development Certificate Cambridge

The School of Management seeks to develop aspiring and practicing managers who are values-driven and adept at working with people and organizations in a diverse global world. The curriculum provides comprehensive management and leadership skills including newest academic content and concepts, best practices and proven strategies that students can use to increase their organization’s effectiveness in today’s world