Tuition Overview

Tuition Rates

Tuition rates vary by degree level and location. To see tuition rates and fees for a specific program, please use the Find a Program tool on the home page and navigate to the Tuition Tab for that program.

For a listing of all tuition and fees for a Cambride College location, please choose a location from the list below:

Puerto Rico
Southern California

Tuition rates are set by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change. 

Dropped Courses – New and Continuing Students

You must pay the full tuition for all courses for which you have registered, unless the course is correctly dropped before the add/drop deadline. (See Adding & Dropping Courses.)

Refunds and Repayment – Students Withdrawing or on Leave of Absence

Students who withdraw from Cambridge College or take a leave of absence after having paid the current term charges or receiving financial aid are subject to refund and repayment policies. (See Withdrawing from School.)

Important Dates

Summer 2013-2014
  • 06/02/2014: Payment due
  • 06/02/2014: Undergraduate Term starts
  • 06/06/2014: Health Insurance Waiver deadline
  • 06/09/2013: Graduate Term starts
  • 06/09/2014: Undergraduate Add/Drop period ends
  • 06/16/2014: Graduate Add/Drop period ends