How do I pay my bill?


The quickest and easiest way to make a payment is by paying online via the MyCC web portal.  This is available 24 hours a day and can be done in 4 easy steps:

  1. Log into MyCC
  2. Click “Finances” tab
  3. Click “My Account Balance"
  4. Click “Make a Payment”

VISA, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.


You can also mail us your payment. Checks and money orders must be made payable to Cambridge College and include your college ID number.

In Person

During business hours you can make a payment in person at our main campus, 1000 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass.  Payments are not accepted at any other college location.

Wire Transfer

Please contact our office if you are interested in making a payment via wire transfer.

When payments are due

Provision for payment of tuition is required prior to registration for each term. Tuition bills are prepared on the basis of course registrations each term. Registration is officially cleared by the Bursar’s Office upon satisfactory payment arrangements according to standard policies. Students cannot register until payment arrangements have been made, including:

  1. Full payment of all charges from previous terms, and
  2. Full payment of new term tuition, or payment plan arrangement, including financial aid

Employer Tuition Assistance Programs

Bring a signed and itemized purchase order to the Bursar’s Office before registering for the upcoming term, authorizing Cambridge College to bill a company directly for the courses listed (include course numbers). U.S. Veterans must bring a signed VA form 28-1905 or 22-1999. Other documentation may be required from certain area employers. Contact the Bursar’s Office for information. Students are responsible for providing all documentation required by their employers.

If a student drops a class and is eligible for a refund, the refund is issued to the employer on behalf of the student. Students are liable for the cost of any courses taken but not listed on the purchase order.

If an employer reimburses employees after courses are completed, students must pay for the classes when registering. The Bursar’s Office provides itemized statements for students to verify charges and payments.

Students are not cleared for graduation until all tuition assistance payments have been made in full. After the graduation clearance date, students are liable for any remaining balance.

Graduation Clearance

All tuition and other charges must be paid in full by the published graduation clearance deadline in order to receive graduation clearance from the Bursar’s Office.


Failure to fulfill tuition obligations in a timely manner may result in disenrollment. Transcripts, diplomas, and certificates are held by Cambridge College until debts are clear. Student debts will be submitted to a collection agency if payment is not received. In such cases, the student is liable for any court costs and collection agency fees. Collection agency fees may total up to 40% of the outstanding bill, as allowed by Massachu­setts law. Cambridge College routinely reports account information to a credit bureau.


Each term, holds are placed on student accounts that have balances.  This hold will prevent you from registering until payment arrangements have been made.  Learn more about holds.