Brad Hatfield

Class of 2010, Master of Management (MM)
"As an adult learner, I could go evening and weekends. I went to a meeting there and loved that it was a diverse crowd—people from all over the world. I didn’t feel out of place because I was just as different as anybody else. I had my own story. So I decided to enroll."

Accomplished and well-known through the entertainment business as a renowned musician, composer, and producer, Emmy Award Winner Brad Hatfield decided he still had goals to reach. At the age of 52, Brad enrolled in Cambridge College’s Master of Management program with hopes of teaching full-time upon completion of his degree. In 2010, he did just that. He explains, “Within 30 days of getting ‘the piece of paper,’ I had a job.” After graduation, Brad began teaching classes full-time at Northeastern University, while still performing and composing for television shows and movies alike.

Cambridge College allowed Brad the opportunity to take a successful career in music composition and transition it into the classroom. Having already had the passion and talent for music, Brad’s experience with the College gave him the necessary management skills to further share his talents with others. With his Master’s in Management, Brad explains, “I came out of Cambridge College with a lot of information about negotiation, about people skills and management. Even running a classroom—that’s management.” In addition to continuing to perform and compose, Brad currently teaches classes in Music Supervision, Songwriting, Negotiation, and Music Industry at Northeastern University, Songwriting Courses at Berklee College of Music, as well as Music Supervision and Songwriting courses for Berklee Online.

Brad Hatfield
Composer, Producer, Professor at Northeastern University and the Berklee College of Music