Taking Individual Courses

Students not matriculated into a degree or certificate program at Cambridge College are referred to as “special students.” Special students are allowed to take up to nine credits for credit without applying for and enrolling in a degree or certificate program. Students should seek advisement from the academic dean of the school in which they are taking courses. Certain exceptions based on program, alumni status or location may apply.

The College reserves the right to restrict access by special students to particular courses.

Admissions Requirements

To get the full benefit of the course work, any course prerequisites must be met. The prior education and experience required for the corresponding degree are recommended.

Application Form -  Complete all items carefully and sign.

$50 Application Fee  - Check or money order payable to Cambridge College (non-refundable).

Transfer Credit Limits

Credit-bearing courses taken at Cambridge College as a special student may be evaluated and counted as transfer credits toward a degree program at a later time, provided they meet the transfer and distribution requirements of the degree sought (see Transfer of Credit). Courses must meet all criteria for transfer, so acceptance cannot be guaranteed. Each degree program accepts a limited number of transfer credits. Do not take more than nine credits/three courses before seeking academic advising.

Evaluation of non-credit courses for bachelor’s degree credit  - Academic credit may be awarded to non-credit Cambridge College courses taken earlier if the student creates a portfolio demonstrating college-level work that meets the requirements of the degree program. The portfolio must show conclusive evidence of learning equivalent to a credit-bearing college course (an evaluation fee is required). Contact the undergraduate academic advising office for information and limitations.

Financial Aid

To be eligible for financial aid, enrollment in a degree program or eligible certificate is required. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.